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The Southern Divide Difference

Southern Divide Merino

All of Southern Divide’s Merino is sourced from New Zealand and New Zealand only. Southern Divide is one of the few companies that can put our hand up to say we have 100% New Zealand Merino. This provides us the with the reassurance that the renewable fibre produced high in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, or what we call our playground ensures environmental, economic and social  sustainability, and traceability is all within our reach.

New Zealand produces the longest, strongest, purest, whitest Merino fibre on the planet, which means it’s more durable, stays softer for longer and is less likely to pill.

We use New Zealand’s finest fibre and the strongest yarn to construct Southern Divide gear, designed for the specific demands of venturing into the mountains. It’s warm in the cold, cool in the heat, soft and non-itchy, it’s breathable, takes moisture away from the body, and remains odour free – you can pull off a season in this gear and still smell like its your first day on the mountain. And because it was made in the mountains rather than a lab, Merino wool is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.

Moisture management

Moisture Management Graphic for Southern Divide Merino

The complex natural structure of Merino fibres gives them the unique ability to both absorb and repel  moisture. The incredible management qualities allow a Merino garment to hold up to 30 per cent of its own weight in water without feeling damp. It can also absorb vapour from the skin during activity, increasing the time before sweat condenses to a liquid form and makes a product uncomfortable and maintaining a healthy core body temperature.


Softness Graphic for Southern Divide Merino

Coarse wool fibres push into the skin and irritate nerves close to the surface; Southern Divide Merino fibres bend against the skin and do not aggravate the nerves. Because Southern Divide’s Merino is made from very small micron diameter fibres, our garments are extremely soft and comfortable.

Thermal control

Thermal control Graphic for Southern Divide Merino

Merino has the ability to control temperature and humidity by releasing heat depending on the external and internal environment properties. It provides a natural temperature control by absorbing and releasing moisture. For example, in cool, wet conditions, the Merino fibers generate a small but  perceptible amount of heat as water vapour  interacts with their chemical structure. This heat prevents the wearer from becoming chilled.

Odour control

Odour Control Graphic for Southern Divide Merino

Merino wool has a unique ability to minimise the buildup of body odour during exercise.  The complex chemical and physical structure of Merino resists the development and proliferation of odour to a much greater extent than synthetic materials or cotton.

Easy care

Easy care Graphic for Southern Divide Merino

Merino is naturally resistant to shrinkage and wrinkles. Wool fights off weather and dirt and prevents stains, making Southern Divide gear easy to wash and easy to keep clean. Please see our product care instructions.

Fire safety

Fire Safety Graphic for Southern Divide Merino

Unlike synthetics, wool is naturally flame retardant. They don't hold a flame and won't melt like synthetic fabrics and fibers.