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Our Story

We are willing to drive, fly, climb and walk to reach them. And once we are in them, the rest of the world disappears. Southern Divide® was built from a passion for the mountains and everything that they encompass – inevitably this passion has quickly turned into developing a new line of mountain apparel.

In 2009, the concept of Southern Divide was conceived.

We yearned to create an environment that better matched our own values. So a group of like minded mates who shared this overwhelming passion for the mountains started to discuss what makes good mountain gear. Something that insulated, provided you with warmth, breathed and allowed you to stay out in this hospitable environment we love for longer. Something that was designed for the fluidity of movement. Something that was functional.

We started off testing different fabrics, styles and loving the natural qualities of wool and thanks to our founder Chris Lawrence being the son of a sheep farmer; it was perhaps inevitable that merino would prevail. An idea that was developed for us suddenly became a proven product for others.
In 2010 we had out first prototype and although it was not pretty (very far from it) it formed the basis to improve on.

After testing across one continent, two islands, five seasons, 34 mountains, and many, many different fabrics and products, we found something that worked and worked incredibly well.

We select the highest quality merino fabrics from New Zealand (Home of the worlds strongest Merino), and design outdoor gear that allows the fluidity of movement. This is now the ultimate combination of performance, design and warmth, to help you brave winter’s worst when heading off to your favourite back country haunts.