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The Layering System

Instead of looking at layers individually, Southern Divide has create a layering system that not only work independently, but together as well. This is what we call ‘Intelligent Layers’, increasing the functionality with less bulk. Layered together, Southern Divide® products don’t bunch or restrict movement, so you can focus on the trail ahead and not on your clothing.

All seams are constructed with flat lock stitching, eliminating any chaffing and designed in a way that each layer does not effect the one below. The drop tail is extended throughout the layers so the outer layer is always below the previous.

Our base-layers remove the moisture and our mid-layers keep the heat in. Not only are these incredibly good for temperature management, they feel good. They are also odour resistant.

Southern Divide products are based on the proven layering system – each product compliments the other. Southern Divide layers provide a trap for warm air and being 100% New Zealand Merino allows it to breathe, wicking the moisture away.

Southern Divide Merino is 100% natural – renewable, sustainable and biodegradable. When made in to the Southern Divide base-layer or quarter zip, the natural crimp of Merino wool forms a micro climate around your body, regulating comfort by letting moisture out and keeping natural warmth in. In warmer conditions, the wool’s breathability protects you against overheating.

Southern Divide products are crafted to last and designed to perform under the most testing of situations. Each one of our products has been tested thoroughly. We have clocked up one continent, two islands, four seasons, 34 mountains to bring you the best gear available.