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Environment and Sustainability

At Southern Divide, we cherish the freedom we have when we go out and explore the mountains. Whether we are pulling big S turns on the piste, seeking the powder or hiking in the back country – this is our playground! We strive to minimise the impact we have on the environment whenever possible whilst promoting sustainability; this is central to Southern Divide's values.  Here’s how we’re making it happen:

Our Products

Southern Divide’s Merino is a completely natural fibre that is both renewable and biodegradable – so it is as kind on the environment as it is on you.


Keeping it local

All of Southern Divide’s Merino is sourced from New Zealand and New Zealand only. We are one of the few companies that can put our hand up to say we have 100% New Zealand Merino. This puts us in good stead to be able to actively monitor, change and improve our contribution and footprint on the environment, in combination with our farmers and partners.

From our farms to our fabric manufacturers to the crafting of our product, our product does not travel more than 800km.


All of our farms are compliant with New Zealand’s Resource Management Act, Biosecurity Act, and Conservation Act. Our partners continuously conduct grower audits, as well as continuous improvement initiatives with our farmers.   

Animal welfare
Sheep, dogs, and other farm animals must be cared for according to the standards outlined in New Zealand’s Animal Welfare Act and the codes that set forth standards for the welfare of sheep.    

Social responsibility

Our farmers and manufacturers must be in compliance with New Zealand’s Occupational Safety and Health and Employment Relations Act. 


Throughout the manufacturing of Southern Divide gear, we make sure our processes, dyes and chemicals are environmentally friendly, keeping the air and waterways healthy and clean for future use.



We believe in creating an environmentally responsible workplace, where we actively seek ways to reduce our footprint, and promote sustainability. Because our passion is skiing and the mountains, we will do everything we possibly can to keep our natural environment just that – natural.