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Keeping warm is about layering!

Mother nature can throw some horrible weather at you and when you are in an incredibly hospitable place like the mountains the weather can change in an instant. Layering well and staying dry is key!

How do you layer? Lets see what each layer comprises of.

The first layer is imperative to get right. Baselayers are designed to protect from the elements and keep you warm. The baselayer is the next-to-skin layer, which moves perspiration away from your skin. We call this “wicking.” This is essential because it helps to keep you from becoming cold or worse—hypothermic.

The next layer is the mid-layer and is for insulation. The insulating layer helps you retain the heat that’s radiated by your body. The more efficiently this layer traps that heat, the warmer you’ll be. Southern Divide's Merino is designed with our intelligent layering system that creates an interconnection with other layers, maximising breath-ability, wicking away moisture and keeping you ultimately warm.

The final layer is the outer layer. This shields you from wind, rain and snow and protects your insulation layer from getting wet.

The beauty about layering is you can add layers or peel them off depending on the conditions. The most important thing is to take all layers on each adventure enabling you to choose.
Southern Divides layers are crafted from our finest Merino, providing a softness for maximum comfort and the performance required to get you up and down the mountain all day.

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